Support Groups

We who are strong should support those who are not

Romans 15:1

Here at New Day, we understand that life is sometimes difficult. Stress, family issues, and sudden loss;  can eventually become too much for any one person to take on alone. This is why the Bible commands us to build strong communities of faith, through the preaching of the Gospel first, and then then through the comradery  that comes from believers sharing in the burdens of others as brothers and sisters. You never have to  feel alone or "stuck." New Day believes in the mental health of  believers as well as the spiritual and physical aspects of development.

Saturday Morning Support Groups

Women's Empowerment Group (9am)

The Empowerment support group for women is a caring, loving, and nurturing environment where women can share and grow with one another. If you are uncomfortable sharing, please feel free to listen. 

Men's Family Relations Group (10am)

The Men's Family Relations group is a safe place for men to share and challenge each other to build better relationships in out of the home. If you are uncomfortable sharing, please feel free to listen.